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Port CORAL and COOL to gcc61 (using the gcc4 ABI)



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      Hi Charles,

      as Patricia just confirmed that gcc61 is available in the nightlies, I think it would be a good idea that you look at all of this yourself, it's the best way to learn. I have no idea if it will be 0 effort or a lot of effort, but I think it's going to be easier than things like the mac1011 port or even the clang port, it's just a new version of our most common compiler. Essentially this means for instance:

      • Checking the nightly slot regularly to see if the externals for CORAL and COOL are built or not (if they are not, CORAL/COOL builds are not attempted and tests fail miserably). If not ok, follow up with Patricia and open SPI tickets.
      • Checking the nightly slot for CORAL and COOL builds and tests. There may be errors in builds and/or tests. Remember this is the fast test suite, not the full one.
      • In any case, even if all tests look ok in the nightlies, perform a local build of CORAL and COOL on gcc61 using the externals from the nightlies. The Linux gcc61 will be on AFS (not the case for Mac!), so it is easier to use them. I suggest in any case to take a private copy of the AFS nightlies via rsync, so in one week you still have it even if the nightlies have changed. This private copy you can only take when at least the CORAL externals are ok (now mysql is not)... but if you are eager to try, you can start with whatever is there and disable the mysql builds in your local builds (so you also understand how to do that).

      Does this sound ok?

      Present status is that mysql and igprof are failing,
      Can you take over from there?





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