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Change CernVM to use Web Proxy Auto Discovery



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      Please change CernVM to stop using geolist.txt and instead use Proxy Auto Config URLs of http://wpad/wpad.dat and http://wlcg-wpad.cern.ch/wpad.dat. The latter is now returning proxy information based on both the CMS (SITECONF) and ATLAS (AGIS) lists of squids. For CMS, you may use the comment (beginning with //) if present on the first line that can have some text to ignore followed by "CMS: cms_site_name" to set the CMS site name to cms_site_name.

      FYI, the cvmfs configuration for OSG for the cms.cern.ch repository sets a default site of "T3_US_OSG" if $CMS_LOCAL_SITE is not set. That site name translates to a configuration file for Frontier that will be using wpad.dat followed by backup proxies at fnal.gov followed by backup proxies at cern.ch; the name is intended to be used for CMS opportunistic computing at non-CMS sites. There's no plan yet for EGI but perhaps one day there will be a corresponding config with the backup proxies order reversed (unlike cvmfs they do not get geo-sorted). I'm not sure what's best for a default CMS site setting for CernVM, if any, especially since I assume by default it uses the cvmfs-config-default rpm and not the cvmfs config rpm from OSG or EGI.


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