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Issue using TH2::SetMinimum with Draw(Option="BOX")



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      (reported by Ron Malone rm216@phy.duke.edu)

      The macro creates a histogram and fills most of the bins with weight 50. It fills some bins in the center with weight 1000. It also removes the contents of a column of bins to show that an empty bin will display nothing when plotted.
      Then, it plots four copies of that histogram in canvas c1. The first two (top of canvas) show a simple scatterplot, one with the minimum set at 0 and one with the minimum set at 100. As expected, only the center bins with contents greater than 100 are displayed. Then, two more copies are drawn with the box option (bottom two plots). The plot on the left has its minimum set at 0, the plot on the right has its minimum set at 100. One can see no difference between the two plots. Al bins are displayed in both plots.

      A second canvas is drawn and a two more copies are drawn with the minimum set at a ridiculously high value (10,000). Drawing the histogram with no options with this minimum displays no boxes. However, when drawn with the box option, all bins are still displayed with the boxes seemingly rescaled.




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