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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Development
Sub-task ROOT-9371

ROOT-8858 [TDF] Allow users to define and execute custom actions

Enrico Guiraud Enrico Guiraud High Closed Fixed  
Sub-task ROOT-8895

ROOT-8858 Treat friend trees

Danilo Piparo Danilo Piparo Medium Closed Fixed  
Sub-task ROOT-8884

ROOT-8858 STL backports wish-list

Danilo Piparo Enrico Guiraud Low Closed Completed  
Sub-task ROOT-8882

ROOT-8858 Benchmark impact of extern templates in TDF compilation times

Enrico Guiraud Enrico Guiraud Medium Closed Not Needed  
Sub-task ROOT-8860

ROOT-8858 Create histograms in TBrowser using the TDF

Danilo Piparo Danilo Piparo Low Closed Cancelled  
Sub-task ROOT-8859

ROOT-8858 Interface to TMVA

Danilo Piparo Danilo Piparo Low Closed Clarified